Solar Electric

Photovoltaic (Solar Electric) Energy Systems

Genesis Energy Solutions can provide electricity from the SUN through a process called photovoltaics(PV).  Electricity produced by PV systems can be used immediatly or stored in batteries for later use. You may also sell excess electricity for a profit, as if you owned a small power plant. Photovoltaic’s  provide clean, renewable energy for your home or business.

Installed PV systems currently have up to a 50% discount (varies by state) thru government tax incentives and cost about $7.00 per watt. Systems come with a 25 year warranty. Most are installed and running in one week, and will pay for themselves in as little as 8 years. After recovering your initial investment you will be free to enjoy rewards for years to come. GES is committed to providing only the finest U.S made products, along with a staff of highly trained people to complete any job imaginable. You may be surprised at just how simple and affordable this change can be.

We offer some simple solutions:

Solution 1: Offering the advantage of a lower initial investment and a faster return the grid-tied system gives you the ability to sell your excess energy back to your local utility or other Renewable Energy Trader (RET) for immediate savings and ongoing return.

Solution 2: The off-grid system is a battery based system offering complete freedom from your electric utility company. Although the initial investment is more, this option suits individuals with a desire for complete independence and offers a unique solution for certain building sites.

Solution 3: The hybrid system takes into account the specifics of your site analysis and incorporates different clean energy options into one complete system that can maximize all of the gifts Mother Nature may have bestowed upon your site, giving an integrated and exciting, totally clean and green experience.

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