Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Hot Water and Space Heating

Solar thermal energy systems provide clean, renewable energy for your home or business. A collector panel directs the sun’s energy to a hot water storage tank, these systems will provide you with free domestic hot water and/or space heating.  You can reduce your home’s impact on the environment by as much as 50%, that also means saving as much as 50% on your power bill. A solar thermal system has a much lower start up cost than solar photovoltaic system, and with government incentives you could have a residential system installed for as little as $3500. Solar thermal systems are the best bang for the buck in renewable energies.

 The return on investment is as little as 3 years, and the system lasts 25 years. Most systems are installed and running within one week, which reduces your utility bill and reliance on fossil fuels permanently. A solar thermal system can be applied with other renewable energy systems to provide for all of your energy needs.

We offer some simple solutions:

1)  Solar thermal for your domestic hot water needs in a drainback or closed loop system

2)  Solar thermal for your heating needs, either thru radiant floor heat or forced air heating

3)  Solar thermal combined with other renewables form a hybrid system to meet all of your energy needs

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